Are You Looking For Hola Yessica? I’ve Moved!

Hello lovely followers!

This is just an update to let you know that I have  moved to a self-hosted site….AND I have changed the name. 

If you are looking for the blog formerly known as Hola Yessica, let me direct you to the new site:

It was time for a new name, much as I love HY. Why?

Well, the little joke is impossible to explain to any non-native English speakers. I wasn’t being taken very seriously at professional events, even though I think my blog is pretty decent.

So, I hope you enjoy following along with my adventures. It’s the same old me, just with a more presentable twist. (Guess that’s what turning 25 does to you!)

In the meantime, here are links to some posts you might enjoy:

Thanks very much for following along on my adventures here, and I hope to see you on my self-hosted site! I’m looking forward to sharing my latest travels with you.




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