Visiting Barcelona

Hello everybody! I have a great new sponsor for my blog –  BCN Travel.


Their website’s got a blog with weekly events, and recommendations for accommodation, food and drinks, and fun stuff in Barcelona (I might call ‘drinks’ fun on its own, but that’s another story) . They can arrange tours in and around Barcelona, and find you tickets from everything from Barça matches to sailing to Formula 1 and flamenco. If you’re traveling with a group, they’ll help you figure out everything.

Even if you’d rather arrange stuff on your own, the site is a fab introduction to Barcelona. It’s got a very thorough list of top things to do in the city. It’ll help you get the vibe of the city, from its long historical background to the current city districts. Arts, sports, beaches, architecture, nightlife…BCN Travel’s got you covered for your stay in the Catalan capital.


You can FacebookTweet, or Skype them for more information. And you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I highly recommend Barcelona in general as your next holiday destination. :) Happy travels, everybody!

This post was sponsored by a third party, but written entirely by me. All opinions are mine, don’t worry!

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