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Happy Leap Year – Feliz “Año Bisiesto”

It’s an año bisiesto this year (my new piece of vocabulary for the day). I made some goals for myself at the beginning of February, so let’s see how I did.


Here’s what I wanted to do this month, and whether or not I actually did it:

 1. Get my medical card. Done! Read about my experiences with Spanish health care here.

 2. Be more social.Yep! I went to fun stuff like Carnaval  and a language exchange.

 3. Blog more. Definitely. 

4. Learn a recipe. Yes, Spanish espinacas con garbanzos – check out my post (with a recipe!). 

 5. Schedule Catalan classes. No. Sigh.

 6. Don’t be so hard on myself. Working on it

So I’ll give myself 5/6, which isn’t too bad! For March, I want to:
  1. Travel more – which can include doing touristy things around here. 
  2. Try the super cute new panadería by my house I’ve been eying for weeks. 
  3. Catalannnnn. 
  4. Exercise more – actually use the yoga Groupon I bought, and bike instead of taking the Metro.
  5. Learn one more recipe, and go to one more language exchange night.
  6. Go to the beach more!
Currently readingThe Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
Currently listening toThis Metronomy remix of one of my favorite Franz Ferdinand songs, “No You Girls”


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