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WISW: The Guggenheim in Bilbao

OK, I’m finally getting around to going through my photos and notes from my trip to the Basque Country back in June, so here’s a picture of one of my favorite things in Bilbao – the Guggenheim Museum! 


The Guggenheim Bilbao sits almost right on the river and has a few very cool outdoor art installations scattered about outside. The enormous wavy building is great fun to walk around, as it looks quite different from different angles and under different lighting conditions. The inside is light, curvy, and airy, which is a surprise after the angular outside. The art exhibitions are cool, but I was definitely most impressed with the actual structure.

Surprisingly, this was pretty much the only spell of grey skies we got during our trip to the País Vasco. Everyone had warned me that it was going to be gloomy for the whole trip, but we had lovely sunny skies with just a few patches of grey. The overcast skies actually made the museum look even better than it did in the full sunshine, as it let the building’s colors shine.

Oh, and before I leave, there’s one more thing. I’m finally switching my blog over to a self-hosted site, so if things may look a little funky around here for a few days (fingers crossed it all goes well, but I’m so tech illiterate that I have some reservations). Any tips or useful resources from more experienced bloggers would be welcome! 🙂



7 thoughts on “WISW: The Guggenheim in Bilbao

  1. I loved the Guggenheim in Bilbao, inside and out. I remember seeing the gigantic “Puppy” flower sculpture in front and wondering how much maintenance that thing requires–we were told the flowers get replaced regularly!

  2. ah….very similar to the Weisman Art Museum at the University of MN:

    and no wonder, they’re both designed by Gehry. which reminds me, I need to visit the Weisman museum so thanks for that prompt 😉

    I too have been contemplating self-hosting and have done nothing about it. I don’t have any advice but pretty sure I want to go in that direction too. good luck! and I hope to follow soon.

  3. Nice photo Jess. I was in Bilbao a long time ago when the Basques were blowing things up. I sat on the plane and watched as bomb-sniffing dogs sniffed MY luggage on the tarmac. It’s nice to know that things have calmed down, and I need to go back. I know essentially nothing about self-hosting, and will be curious to hear how it goes. Keep us posted and best of luck. ~James

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