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Where in Spain Wednesday – Formentera

Now that summer has finally arrived in all of its sweltering glory, here’s one of my favorite summertime destinations – Formentera. 


This pretty little island is very close to Ibiza and only takes a gentle 45-minute ferry ride to get to from the Playa d’en Bossa. When you arrive, the tranquil white sand beaches have a totally different vibe from party-happy Ibiza. I struggled to find an open restaurant past 3 p.m. on the tiny  island, and hardly saw anyone in the sandy-colored city center.

Lost on while scootering around the island, I finally came across a lovely shopkeeper who gushed, “There are no ugly beaches in Formentera! They’re all beautiful. Pick any road and you’ll see.”

“Beautiful” might even be an understatement; these are by far the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen.  It’s like an actual version of everything promised in clichéd beach descriptions – white sand, sparkling clear turquoise water, and lots of sunshine. I’m a frequent beach-goer, but I’ve never seen anything quite like Formentera.



14 thoughts on “Where in Spain Wednesday – Formentera

  1. This is my idea of perfect! Gorgeous photo – although it is likely the Angelina Jolie of beaches – you can’t take a bad picture of it 🙂

  2. Just that photograph alone is enough to make me swoon! I’ve heard Ibiza is really party heavy, and that’s not really my scene, but this place, this place looks amazing! It could definitely spend a few days just getting lost out there!

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