Sitges / Where in Spain Wednesday

Where in Spain Wednesday: Sitges’ Wild Carnaval Celebrations

Today is the last day of Carnaval, so instead of a proper place photo, I’ve got a snap from my partying in Sitges!


Sitges is a little beach town south of Barcelona, and it’s famous for its huge, flamboyant, and wild gay community. Combine that with an occasion to break out feathers, glitter, and masks, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a crazy Carnaval celebration.

I went last night to see the celebrations. I nearly rocked up in full face makeup, but decided I’d rather not tried the metro solo like that! I settled on a sparkly mask and a hot pink wig (probably fulfilling my 5-year-old self’s idea of the perfect grown-up).

The parades were amazing, the party was crazy, and I had a great time – more on Carnaval later. This float’s theme was Sevilla’s Feria de Abril. The golden tower at the back is La Giralda (Sevilla’s famous tower rising from the cathedral), next to a humongous hair comb like the ones the sevillanas wear for the fair. ¡Olé!

But the night’s festivities came to a sour end when a guy I asked to snap our photo was so drunk he dropped my camera…lens down. The lens itself seems fine, but the cover mechanism is in pieces. I only recovered 3 out of 4 tiny pieces, and the camera refuses to work without the cover. The cost of the repair is likely to be more than a new camera, but the prices of this model have nearly doubled since I bought it. Ugh…

So, on that note, does anyone have a recommendation for a small digital camera model they love? 



11 thoughts on “Where in Spain Wednesday: Sitges’ Wild Carnaval Celebrations

  1. Hey lady, I had a Panasonic Lumix that I loved LOVED. The picture quality was clear and you could manually change the settings. It sadly took a big hit on NYE 2011 and then jumped into a toilet, meaning imminent death. I got one at Media Markt for 130 euros or so, but buy one of the newer models – my suegra bought me the old one, and it’s just not the same.

  2. I went to Sitges 3 years ago and I hated it… too many drunk people that you have to watch your step to avoid barfs and/or fainted people, everybody either wants to hug you or fight you… or maybe I’m a grumpy old man.

    And sorry for your camera! But I agree with Cat of Sunshine, Lumix have amazing lenses and also you can find cheap Canon Powershots combos with case and 4 gigas SD card at FNAC or Amazon España, those are pretty cool and easy to use cameras with very good quality.

    • Haha yes, there are lots of awful drunk people there, but the hugs I didn’t mind so much. 🙂 I went early this year and it was much nicer.

      I did up with a Powershot actually, thanks for the suggestion! Those are great little cameras.

  3. I’ve never been to Sitges for Carnaval… The other day I was thinking that I would like to go there sometime… but what it has kept me from going all these years is the crowded train ride back to Barcelona all my friends told me about…

    Oh, that’s horrible about the camera! 😦 I hope you find a great not expensive new one.

    • Yeah, the train was pretty crowded. I went back early-ish (around 1.30) and nearly got pushed off the platform with the people trying to get on! But once you’re on, it’s not a bad ride back.

      Luckily, my parents were nice enough to replace my camera, and we found a nice, inexpensive one. In English we say ‘all’s well that ends well.’ 🙂

      • I have not been to Sitges but did visit Tarragona just South of there.
        This was during the summer and yes – be prepared to stand up during your ride back to BCN. It is a short ride so it is not a big deal.
        Looks like I am late but I will also suggest a Lumix camera.
        Many of my photos were shot with an older LX3.
        This little camera fits in your pocket and photos come out right needing very little work.

        • Yes, it was a busy train ride. Lots of people made their own sits by sitting on the floor. Nobody seemed to mind. 🙂

          Next time I’m camera shopping I’ll check out the Lumix cameras! I got a good deal on a Canon PowerShot though.

  4. Carnaval looks like fun. Despite being in town for Aviles Carnaval and then Oveido, I didn’t really do too much. Well, I did dress up last minute for Carnaval in Oviedo. reminded me of halloween…
    Bummer about the camera!

  5. I recommend Canon powershot. My cameras seem to have misadventures every 2 years and I keep coming back to Canon.
    Mine is a sx 260 HS but it was in the 250 + range… A little steep

    • That’s what I got! I’ve used them since high school and they’re just such great little cameras. The one that broke was also a PowerShot, though as it’s practically doubled in price since I bought it, I settled for a cheaper one from Amazon.

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