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Where in Spain Wednesday – the Aqueduct of Segovia

Here’s a photo from Segovia, one of the prettiest places I went to in Castilla y León. This aqueduct is left over from the Roman days, but it’s in perfect condition – and still works! 


I went to Castilla y León back in March and visited tiny Ávila and pretty Salamanca before finishing up in Segovia. I was exhausted and freezing, but I was still blown away by how beautiful the city is. It felt like stepping back in time, because a lot of buildings were very old.

This aqueduct is seriously huge – 28 meters or about 91 feet tall. It’s held together just by the specific balance of the rocks. That’s it. I was a little nervous when I found this out while I was standing under the aqueduct. But hey, it’s held up all this time! It’s still totally functional, and runs for 15 kilometers (about 9 and a half miles).

The aqueduct is also on the coat of arms for Segovia, and is one of Spain’s many (many, MANY!) UNESCO World Heritage sites.



10 thoughts on “Where in Spain Wednesday – the Aqueduct of Segovia

    • I definitely recommend all three! They’re some of my favorites in Spain because they feel more ‘typical Spanish’ than, for instance, Catalunya or Andalucía.

  1. I felt the same way as you until living in Seville, Jess. I studied in Castilla y León, and it’s amongst my favorite in Spain. Haven’t made it to Ávila yet, though! And did you know that Segovians believe the aqueduct was built overnight by the devil in a ploy to try and marry one of the village girls?

    • No way! I didn’t know that, that’s pretty hilarious.

      Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing to do at Christmas in Barcelona – go see the Nativity scene and light show at the Sagrada Familia. It’s got Catalan audio so you may not understand much, but pretty cool to see it lit up. Here’s the site: (It’s under ‘Il-lumniació de Nadal).

  2. Great photo! I would add Toledo to the three Marianne mentioned as well and for anyone living in or close to Madrid (like me 😉 there all within n hour’s drive!
    saludos, Ron

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