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My Weekend Plans: Attempting A World Record

So you know how earlier in the week I posted about the top 5 places I want to visit in Spain? Well, one of them was Asturias, and I hinted that I might be going sooner than I thought with a little luck.

Well, it happened! I’m going to Asturias for the weekend.

I’ll be attempting a world record for drinking Asturian cider, tasting some of the best regional food, visiting the famous lakes in Covadonga, and seeing three new cities.


Photo credit: Maninas on Flickr – the Basílica in Covadonga

It’s going to be a long weekend of travel and fun! I’m so excited.

I’m lucky because my employer let me do a ‘puente’ -(bridge). That’s where you take a day or two around a holiday off work as well – ‘bridging’ the gap between them to make a long weekend. That means it’s a 4-day weekend for me. (Thursday was All Saints’ Day. I think the day after Halloween should always be a holiday.)

Actually, as you read this, I’ll already be in Asturias! I’ll be back on Monday (we’ll see if I’m in any state to blog, I may just fall straight into bed). Have a great weekend, everybody!



9 thoughts on “My Weekend Plans: Attempting A World Record

  1. Jealous! Have a great time – I’ve heard the Asturian cider is ace… but world record drinking? Hope there’s not a world-record hangover to follow 😛

    • It was great! And there were no hangovers to speak of on my part, fortunately 🙂 There are some great sidrerias in Barcelona near Via Laietana in the Gothic quarter – you should try one sometime!

  2. Hola Yessica…. I so enjoy your blog, would love to come to Spain one day soon! I have a friend living in Barcelona that is a wonderful chef, but is having a hard time finding a good job there. He just completed a pastry and dessert school in Barcelona this past spring. Any ideas or leads? He is getting by taking pictures of newborn babies in hospitals and selling them but really needs to find a job as a chef. My name is Bob Christensen – email is if you hear of something. Thanks….and keep up the good work!

    • Hey Bob! Hmm, it is tough to find a job right now with the crisis and everything. I have no idea to get a job as a chef, but your friend can check out sites like Loquo for job postings. I hope things start looking up for him!

    • I’m afraid I’m already back, it was a quick visit! I’d love to see a bit more of the beaches up there, I only saw the city ones in Gijón. The coast is stunning.

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