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Barcelona’s Coolest Street Market

Once a month on a Sunday, Barcelona puts on a big outdoor street market – the Flea Market Barcelona. They sell everything from secondhand clothing (cool vintage stuff and just somebody’s plain, gently used tees) to books to jewelry to videos to random household electronics. 


I went early on Sunday afternoon with a friend to browse all the stands and see what they have. It was sunny and slightly breezy – perfect for shopping! The market was tucked away on a quiet street against the tall stone walls of the Maritime Museum, close to the harbor.

Secondhand clothing shops are pretty common in California, but they’re not as popular in Barcelona. There are a couple of cool vintage shops, but those tend towards one-of-a-kind, pricier pieces. They’re fun, but not a cheap way to find some funky clothing.


That’s part of the reason the Flea Market is so popular. Some of the stands are people who run vintage shops and want to sell more, while others are just regular people selling their extra stuff before they move away.


Like any flea market, it was pretty hit or miss. I passed on the bottle of tequila with a snake clasping a scorpion in its mouth inside, for instance. But I did come away with  a nice scarf for €1 (perfect for keeping away those Spanish colds 🙂 ), and a designer jacket for €5.

Afterwards, some women were going around selling homemade empanadas. We ate a couple in the pretty café in the Maritime Museum, then compared our purchases sitting on the grass by the port, watching the beautiful Barcelona Sunday afternoon go by.


The Flea Market happens once a month on a Sunday in various places around the city. The specifics are always announced on their Facebook and Twitter. If it’s raining, it doesn’t happen. This was my first time there, and I’d definitely recommend stopping by to check it out.

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10 thoughts on “Barcelona’s Coolest Street Market

  1. I missed this one, but I went to the secondhand market near the CCCB in Raval. I agree that a lot of the “vintage” shops here are a bit pricey. Aside from Humana, these street markets are the only option. One of the things I miss in the the States are Goodwill and Salvation Army.
    On an unrelated note, I think you caught an ex-student of mine in your first pic. I’m passing her the link to check for sure.

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    • I’ll do my best! Encants has lots of furniture and antiques (you can pretty much find anything there). There are markets in Plaça Reial and in front of the cathedral on weekends where they sell lots of smaller antiques. I believe there’s also one on Sundays in Sant Antoni that may sell furniture, though I might be mistaken on that one.

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