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Where in Spain Wednesday: Cádiz’s Beautiful Beaches

This week, I have a photo from another of my Spanish favorites – Cádiz.


Cádiz is a beautiful beachside town in the south of Spain. It’s one of the oldest cities in southern Europe that’s been constantly inhabited. I went there for a weekend while I was studying in Sevilla, and the little town made a huge impression on me.

At first, I wasn’t too impressed with Cádiz. It was rainy, cold, and lots of the city center was under construction. It poured and poured, but when the rain finally broke we were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Luckily, it didn’t rain for the rest of the weekend so I got to explore the pretty places in the sunshine, and I also ate some delicious freshly cooked seafood straight from the ocean.



3 thoughts on “Where in Spain Wednesday: Cádiz’s Beautiful Beaches

  1. I still have yet to visit the south of the peninsula (after almost 8 years!). As someone who’s hopelessly in love with the calas of the Baleares and the Costa Brava, I’m wondering how the beaches of Cadiz measure up to our Mediterranean shores. I imagine with the weather it was a bit difficult to get in some quality beach time, but did you manage to take a dip?

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