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Where in Spain Wednesday: Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

This week, I have one of my favorite photos from Barcelona! I took this in the Barri Gòtic, or the Gothic Quarter. It’s one of the first photos I took that turned out how I envisioned it, so I’m really proud of it.


The Barri Gòtic is one of the two neighborhoods bordering Las Ramblas in the city center. It’s one of the best places in the city to get lost and enjoy an afternoon of wandering. A stroll through here instantly gives you a feeling for the Barcelona magic.

Even though it’s called the Gothic Quarter, you can also find traces of Roman ruins there. Most of them are underneath the medieval buildings, and every so often foot-level windows give you a glimpse of the remains. Occasionally, there are larger pieces that are still intact today.

This neighborhood is full of small, windy streets full of interesting little shops and restaurants. I’ve spent a year in Barcelona and I still get lost when I’m in the Gòtic!

If you’re visiting Barcelona, this is definitely a must-see.



20 thoughts on “Where in Spain Wednesday: Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

  1. I stayed near the Opera in Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter. It was a great place to wander around and get lost. The museu d’historia de la ciutat was very interesting. Great post!

  2. I love this photo Jessica! So beautiful.
    I’ve been living in Barcelona for 6 years and there’s plenty of places I need to discover yet. Gòtic is a neighborhood I don’t go often… but sure when I go, I like it!

    Do you know where I bought my breakfast this morning? At Fleca Martí!!! Yes, on my way to the library I’ve been seeing it every day. And today I stopped there. I know understand why you like it that much! It’s so beautiful… and the croissant I took was delicious!

    Now I’m studying a lot for my exams… but if in September you want to do another “intercambio”, I would love to.

    • I need to discover the Gòtic more too! It has so many surprises.

      How nice that your library has such good food. 🙂

      Good luck on your exams, and I’d love to in September!

  3. The narrow streets of the Gotic are the best places to find a shady refuge if you visit Barcelona in August or July. While you’re exploring, be sure to check out some of the nifty street art.

    I’ve lived in Barcelona for the better part of 8 years and I still get lost (if only for a few minutes) every time. Along with the West Village and Soho in NYC, one of my favourite places to be lost. But just remember, if lost just walk in one direction and you’re bound to either hit the Port, Via Laetana or the Rambla.

    • Agreed, the street art is great! And you’re right, it’s not too hard to re-orient yourself because you’ll inevitably come across something familiar sooner or later.

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  5. Ooooh yes, I loved that part of town. Minus the epic hangover my friends and I were all nursing during our tour… Barcelona = too much fun 🙂

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