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Where in Spain Wednesday: El Rastro in Madrid

This week’s photo is a new one that I took on my last trip – I went to Madrid with my family! It was a lot of fun, and one of the highlights of the weekend was definitely going to the El Rastro market.

It’s a huge street market that covers the city center. When I say huge, I mean huge – we spent a couple of hours there walking at a normal pace and not doing much shopping, and we still didn’t cover the whole thing!


They have pretty much anything you could ever want there, but my favorite things were these gorgeous leather bags. You could choose from all kinds of colors, sizes, designs, and shapes, and just when I thought I’d seen it all, the stall owner pulled aside a curtain and revealed hundreds more bags. I went and picked through piles of bags in a leather-scented room, and finally settled on the perfect one.

My favorite leather jacket is also from El Rastro, and it cost a whopping €10 (maybe because it’s a child-sized one)!

Even though it’s July and the market is outdoors, most of the streets are tree-lined, so it stayed shady and cool while we were there. Afterwards, we stopped by a café with beautiful stained-glass windows for a café and a jamón serrano sandwich.

If you’re in Madrid on a Sunday, you have to stop by El Rastro. Just jump off the metro (we chose La Latina), follow the crowds, and enjoy!



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