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Travel Plans – Valencia, Sevilla, Ibiza, & Beyond!

Since I’ve been in Spain since the last day of May in 2011, I’ve gone on three trips: one to England to visit my family, one to Olot in the north of Spain to see the volcanoes, and one to California for Christmas.

And now it looks like my travel schedule is going to get seriously busy! Here’s what I’ve got in store.



  • March 1-3: Castilla y León (SalamancaSegovia, and Ávila)
  • March 17: Valencia, to go to Las Fallas which includes lots of fireworks and setting things on fire
  • April 25-29: Sevilla, to go see the famous Feria de Abril
  • April 30-May 5: Ibiza!
  • June: Berlin and Madrid with my parents

I’m lucky that I get to go on trips with the Erasmus program, because they always end up being sooo much cheaper than going on your own. My trip this past weekend to Castilla y León, for example, ended up costing about the same as a flight there, but included housing, food, tours with local guides, and parties.

Ibiza and Valencia are both Erasmus trips. The Ibiza one involves a cruise from Barcelona to Ibiza, a mini-cruise to a smaller island, and entrance to approximately a million clubs and parties. It should be a calm, tranquil week on the Mediterranean with no craziness, right?

I’m a little nervous about going back to Sevilla because I had such an awful time there when I studied abroad, so we’ll see how that goes. I can’t really complain though, I’m super lucky to be able to see the Feria with a local friend. 

So keep checking back over these next couple months for lots of fun travel entries and pictures! Later this week, read about Castilla y León.

Currently reading: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Currently listening: “The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala” by the Arctic Monkeys (dumb title, cool song)



7 thoughts on “Travel Plans – Valencia, Sevilla, Ibiza, & Beyond!

      • 1. Obviously I meant Flamenco..sorry
        2. We saw 3 shows. One was super cheesy, would not return. One was very professional, in a small club, but we were a little surprised by the body habitus of a few of the dancers. Our favorite experience was in a place called La Carboneria. It was crowded, big, hot, and FREE. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the inexpensive sangria flowed nonstop. The dancers were awesome! We felt like this experience really helped to capture the true passion of Flamenco. Highly recommended. Go early cause it may get crowded. I think it is open 8p – 3am. Unmarked RED door is kind of hard to find. Drop me a line if you go and let me know how it was. I will post a pic from there that I took. Here is a link with address and map:

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