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California Love

I just got back from my trip to California to see my family for Christmas. I’m super jet-lagged and a little sick, but it’s nice to finally be done traveling. Anyway, here’s what I got up to on my lovely trip!


  • Spent lots and lots of time at home on the couch, taking full advantage of 24-hour English language junk T.V. House Hunters International, I’ll miss you. 
  • Started a couple DIY clothing/jewelry projects (more on those later!)
  • Drank a lot of tea and feasted on Mexican food. 
  • Went to Venice Beach, and the semi-famous Mission Inn hotel
  • Cried a lot
  • Got to work from home, which made me feel very cool and grown-up. 
  • Enjoyed the sunshine – it was 80 degrees and sunny for practically every day of my trip.
  • Saw old friends

So here are a couple pics. I’ll post more later, because I really want to write more about the Mission Inn.

Sunset in Riverside from my backyard.

One of the cool things about my trip home was that we had visitors – my uncle, aunt, and 7-year-old cousin came all the way from England! Because all my relatives live in England, it’s pretty unusual that people come visit us as it’s so far.But it was fun, and my cousin gave me a thorough schooling in the world of monsters of all types.

They might have enjoyed the sunshine even more than me and actually made it into the pool! And Christmas was especially memorable this year because it was warm enough to have it outside by the swimming pool.

Christmas dinner 2011!

And for something really California, this is Venice Beach, one of my favorite places to people-watch.

It’s always full of crazy interesting people, and the boardwalk is lined with botox-on-the-beach, tattoo/piercing parlors, drug stores (as in classified substances, not Rite Aid), and all the usual beachy junk shops.

Of course, there are skateboarders and surfers around too. I went with a friend who lives kind of close by, and we took bikes for a 7-ish mile ride to the beach. I even took a public transit bus for the first time EVER in southern California.

It was beautiful and sunny out, and we went to an awesome Mexican food place for lunch. Good burritos are hard to come by in Spain! 

So now I’ve been back for a week in Barcelona, and I’m finally starting to get over my jet lag. 2011 wasn’t quite what I expected it to be, so here’s hoping 2012 will be much better.

It’s already warmer, I’ve had a visit from a college friend, and gone out 5/7 nights, so I guess that’s a start, right?


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