Andalucía / Barcelona / beach

¡Vamos a la playa!

….or, Spanish beaches are beautiful!

While browsing my numerous photos of my travels through Spain, I realized I had tons of beautiful pictures of beaches. So, here are some of my favorites to re-visit, now that it’s sadly gotten too cold to go to the beach here. Please think of this Eurotrash anthem while looking at the shots to get the full Spanish beach experience. 
Cádiz – a small beach town in Andalucía with the most beautiful sunset ever
Sitges- full of gay pride and palm trees, with a pretty church at the end and super warm water. Love!
Cadaqúes again. Seriously incredible beach on the Costa Brava. Oh, and also me.
Typical beach bar!
Ocata – pretty town to the north of Barcelona. Really easy to get to by train.
Barcelona – always crammed full of people and a little dirty, but I love it anyway!
Castelldefels. Leo Messi allegedly lives here.
Crazy party at Barceloneta beach during the Buskers’ Festival. Spanish beaches are multipurpose!
 Cádiz again – incredible, no? It rained all day, but it was so worth it for this sunset. 
I haven’t even made it to Valencia or the Basque Country yet, so here’s hoping to many more beautiful adventures on Spain’s playas! Anyone have any recommendations?

5 thoughts on “¡Vamos a la playa!

  1. I love beaches! I haven't really made it out to many here in Korea. From what I know, most Koreans don't swim and most avoid the sun like the plague. So I'm super jealous of Spain's beaches! Lucky you. ^.^ How many months/year can you visit (like the weather being pleasant enough to visit)?

  2. Yeah, I'm definitely lucky! It just cold too cold to go to the beach for me around mid-October. I haven't been here in the spring ever, so I can't say when it warms up. But I've been told March (that makes it 6-7 months of beach weather!). So Koreans don't visit the beach that much then? I'm surprised!

  3. You are totally doing a me and re-SEO-ing your page, aren’t you!

    One of my favorite beaches is Los Caños de Meca. The whole place is a hippie commune, but the beaches and bars are laid back and the sunsets incredible. Also a huge fan of the beaches in Galicia, even with their rocks and cold water in Coruña where I spent my summers.

    • Yuup! The whole blog’s kind of getting a facelift – I figured it was about time! It takes sooo much longer than it seems it should, doesn’t it?

      I’m all for hippie commune beaches, that does sound pretty relaxing. I still have yet to go to the south during the summer, but I really want to.

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